• Founded in 2012, the Smeal Business Club, D.C. Metro Area Chapter (Smeal Club DC), is an emerging professional development and networking group dedicated to enriching the professional lives of Smeal College of Business alumni and friends of the Smeal College in the Greater D.C. Metro Area.

    Affiliate Program Groups (APGs) are chartered by their college or campus alumni society, and are focused on the promotion and development of their specific academic department within the University. Smeal currently has three regional APG’s, which allow Smeal graduates in specific geographical areas to network with one another in a variety of ways.  Smeal’s chartered APG’s include the following:

    • Smeal Business Club, Philadelphia Chapter
    • Smeal Business Club, Pittsburgh Chapter
    • Smeal Business Club, DC Metro Area Chapter

    Membership Benefits

    Whether you have been in the business world for many years or have just started on your career path, Smeal Club DC provides you with the opportunity to network with fellow Smeal alumni, take part in professional development events as well as social activities, and to get involved in supporting the advancement of the Smeal College, the greater Penn State University, and the alumni association.

    • Network with fellow Smeal College of Business alumni and Penn State alumni within the DC metro area business community
    • Develop business acumen and skills through professional development events, seminars, and speaking engagements held by the Smeal Club DC and in conjunction with Penn State
    • Stay connected with the Smeal College of Business as the college continues to evolve and advance as one of the top public business schools in the U.S.
    • Keep abreast of program development by Smeal in regard to specific business majors and areas of focus within the college
    • Opportunity to support the university through volunteer roles such as a career coach within the LionLink program as well as many others
    • Facilitate the recruitment of Smeal alumni into positions at respective organizations within varied specializations and career levels
    • Assistance utilizing online resources for alumni and staying connected through online networking sites such as LinkedIn
    • Opportunity to liaise with other diverse organizations such as the local Penn State alumni association, Smeal Clubs, and Affiliate Program Groups supported by the Smeal College of Business

    For information about how to get involved in Smeal Club DC, please visit the Membership page.


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