• Q: Why join the Smeal Club DC?

    A. Smeal Club DC provides you with the opportunity to network with fellow Smeal alumni, take part in professional development events, as well as social activities, and to get involved in supporting the advancement of the Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University, and the alumni association. (refer to membership benefits)

    Q: What is the purpose of the Smeal Club DC?

    A. Smeal Club DC is dedicated to serving, developing, and enriching the professional and personal lives of graduates of the Smeal College of Business and the Pennsylvania State University based in the DC metro area. The organization is also purposed to support the advancement of the Smeal College of Business, the greater university, and the alumni association.

    Q: Do I have to be a graduate of the Smeal College of Business to be a part of this organization?

    A. No. Smeal Club DC invites all alumni, family, and friends of Penn State in the DC metro area to join us at our events and get involved with the organization.

    Q: How much does membership cost?

    A. There are no annual dues to join the Smeal Club DC. Some events may have a nominal fee depending on the specifics of the event… (not sure if we should include this)

    Q: How often does Smeal Club DC host events?

    A. Smeal Club DC hosts an event at least once a quarter. Events feature opportunities for professional development, networking, and personal interaction with fellow alumni. Examples of events are seminars regarding a broad range of topics with a focus on business and industry, the sharing of experiences and successes of fellow alumni, and events involving and supporting Penn State University.

    Q: What are some recent events held by Smeal Club DC?

    A. An event that featured former Penn State star defensive end, Matthew Rice, who shared his life story about having a second chance at life to use his talents in creating art that promotes positive change in humanity through his company, Mateo Blu Art. A professional development series event that featured Mary Abbajay of the Careerstone Group LLC, who presented the topic of ‘Managing Up, Down and Across the Generational Divide’.

    Q: Where do events take place?

    A. Events are held at venues located in the District of Columbia and the extended metro area of northern Virginia and Maryland.

    Q: What types of companies and industries are represented by Smeal Club DC?

    A. Our members, executive committee, and advisory board represent a diverse range of companies such as financial services, management consulting, public accounting, hospitality, manufacturing, government, technology and many more. Smeal Club DC represents professionals in different positions, roles, and career levels from recent graduates to seasoned executives.


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